Your pet can’t tell you it’s sick

Terst is a sophisticated drinking bowl that collects health information from your pet.

Water intake

Preventative monitoring

Learns over time

Live link to a vet

Attack illnesses by spotting the signs earlier

Terst was developed by an experienced vet professional to spot and treat many illnesses afflicting our pets by monitoring how much water they’re drinking.

How Terst bowl can help?

Preventative Medicine

Use the readings from your pet’s Terst bowl to spot the signs of illness in good time and catch the symptoms before they worsen.

Clinical Diagnostics

Terst makes it quick and easy to sync with your clinic. This will help your vet in the diagnostic workup of your pet’s condition.

Dedicated App

Stay connected with our purpose-built app.

Our App enables you to connect directly to your vet if any abnormalities occur.

Instant notifications & alerts

Easy access to all data collected by your Terst bowl about your pet. Check in with the app to monitor water intake and browse past data, or take a passive approach. The app will analyse all data and alert you to any significant changes in your pet’s water intake.

Designed With You In Mind

Our goal was to create a user friendly app that is intuitive and easy to use. That’s why we involved dozens of different users in the development process to create the best application we can and test it to the limit before its release.

Comprehensive Pet Profile

Fitting conveniently on your smartphone the app displays all important information about your pet’s health in one place. The app will also remind you about upcoming vaccinations, updating your pet’s weight and your pet’s next vet appointment.

This is all possible thanks to our partners

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Future telemedicine for pets.


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